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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Great Weekend!

Sewing with all your quilting friends sure is fun. Here are some pics from our last weekend retreat at Higgins Lake.

A Jock Strap for Jim -or- a Thong for a Large Lady
Actually, it's a backpack for Sams daughter's bears/stuffed animals. But we thought the jock strap was funnier!

Raggedy Andy-ish
Vicki was making Raggedy Andy/Anns for our bazaar this fall. This is where she left him so we could run out and get a group pic. I thought it very funny!

Quilt Fairy Gifts
We cleaned up this year with our quilt fairy gifts. Look at all the booty man (and there's actually one thing missing from the pic).

Clare, Michigan
No up north trip is complete without stopping at Cops and Doughnuts. Barb and I stopped on our way back home Monday afternoon.

Once I returned home, I had to catch up on my BOD's. The internet connection this year was horrible and I had to wait until getting back home to do these daily buggers. Here are last weeks.

August 3-9
My zebra is "roughed" in...meaning I have all the panels together and it's a top but we think a side border is in order to make it complete.

Robert's attic window top is done. My hexagon ball is half-way done, and that's about all for now. Getting back into the groove so we'll see you tomorrow.

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