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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Moving Mom...the Beginning

After some severe detours of late, I'm back in the studio--for a few days anyway.

Most of our time this past weekend has been preparing mom for her impending move. It's amazing what a working farm can acquire in stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. My biggest revelation while helping mom sort out toolboxes, workshops, sheds, and barns, is the amount of screwdrivers one could possibly posses. Don't even talk to me about my sewing machines, thank you very much.

After we started to get back on track yesterday afternoon (I in my studio and Jim in his truck), I made an executive decision to take the borders off the quilt I was hired to do and remove the nearly 4" in slack. I know we can shrink borders with steam and starch, but 4" is way to much to do that with.

Hopefully I'll get started on that quilt today since it took over four hours to remove, measure, and replace those pesky buggers.

I was able to keep up with my BOD's over the weekend though (which is ALL I did in here).

July 27-August 2
Unfortunately, I don't get to spend the whole day in here today since we have to head to Lansing to watch our newest granddaughter for the evening while the parents head out on a date night.

Hannah Grace DeGroot
I hope to take one of my camp projects along to cut out while we are at the kids' house, but I have a feeling we'll be working on/in the house instead since they are still working on renovations in the bathroom/laundry room area. We'll just have to wait until we get there I guess.

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