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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Taste

Working on a large quilt is fun. Starting that large quilt is sometimes overwhelming. Wrestling with ideas on what can be done can be a chore and once it gets on the frame, the best planning can be changed once it actually gets loaded.

With this quilt, there were no ideas, right up until that first bobbin thread was brought up.

Loraine's First Quilt
As you can see...I eventually come up with something.

Getting in my Groove
Getting a taste of quilting again was just that, a taste. After getting this much done we had to head to Lansing to watch Hannah for the evening. But it was a good, no make that a great, taste of getting back on the long arm.

Today is supposed to be very hot and somewhat humid. Mom and I had planned on heading to the big lake to spend the day near the water, but she has people coming to look at the farm (another potential buyer) and has errands to do in Hastings.

My day has since changed from the lake visit to now enjoying activities in here. Three hurrays!

Not that going to the lake would have been bad mind you, but one day a week on the long arm just isn't fair, nor is it enough now that it's back to working beautifully. Happy day!

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