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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Farm Fun

Getting things done in here is becoming impossible when helping one downsize/move. Especially when moving from a 110 acre farm to a condominium. There is still much to do, but each visit to moms brings us closer to getting her goals met; reducing all the stuff.

Yesterday, the temps were in the low 90's with 99% humidity. It. Was. Hot! I've never before witnessed my legs sweating, so that was a new experience.

After a full day of farm fun, I promptly came home to take a shower and about all I accomplished in here was my BOD.

Lately our BOD's have been rather full, meaning lots and lots of seams. Two days ago, the 3 1/2" block had 44 pieces in it. Here's what it looks like from the backside.

A rather interesting view of a quilt block
Today I have all day in here. No place to go (although, if Grand Rapids was closer, I'd venture that-a-way for the last day of the show), nobody scheduled to come over, and Jim got a late start on his run, so he won't be home for most of the day either.

Depending on how warm/hot it gets today will determine just what I do in here. Running the long arm in extreme temps is probably not a wise idea. I have plenty of Stitchers Garden homework to do and that will probably occupy most of my day instead.

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