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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Camp, Camp, Camp!

Quilt camp is right around the corner--we leave tomorrow morning, first thing! I'm riding up with Barb S. this year since Margaret will already be up that-a-way beforehand. She wants me at her house around 8:00. I probably won't sleep much anyway since I always get so excited about camp.

Yesterday resulted in having half of Loraine's first quilt quilted. I feel better about taking off for four days having accomplished that much.

Today I have to pack and then hit The Hen House for some turtle instruction. The pattern was rather elusive to me when applying the setting triangles, and since one of the girls there made this particular quilt, they'll know where I messed up.

Not quite right
The trimmed block should measure 6 1/2" by 8 1/2". I got the 6 1/2" part right, but was only able to get 7 1/2" on the width.

This is why you always, ALWAYS, run a test block. I would have been really bummed if I had cut out my new grunge fat quarters to discover I did them all wrong.

Also going along to camp is the zebra piece Cathy S. and I have been working on as well as a 1,600 quilt. These three projects should keep me pretty busy, because I'll also have my daily blocks to do from Australia. Thankfully, I can usually pick up intermittent WiFi up there and will hopefully not get behind on those.

If time permits, maybe I can stick some long arming in todays mix too. We'll see since we also have our guild meeting tonight to snug up all those pesky camp details--and I still have to pack. Better get going, huh?

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