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Thursday, June 2, 2016

What I Learned

The t-shirt quilt last night was finished around 7:00. I learned that my Janome (Mike) can tackle nine layers of fabric at one time and not really complain too much. Here it is.

Lynn's T-Shirt Quilt
I think the black piping on the binding looks really nice and gives this simple little quilt a bit of zing.

After getting this done, planning for one of the two other quilts hanging out to do for another customer was priority. The customer wants an Eiffel Tower put into the negative space and locating one on-line wasn't happening.

I found a silhouette of one in Google Images and started working with it on paper. Then I remembered Sue Patton telling us during our class last October, that we had the ability to record images from our ProStitcher computer on the long arm.

This is what I came up with.

Playing around with the computer
This is a test piece of fabric I use when trying to get something figured out, and after recording my long arm movements, was able to stitch it out on the fabric to see what it would look like. After about eight attempts, I learned how we actually do have the ability to record our images and turn them into actual quilting motifs.

Today I have to deliver three quilts (Toni, Lynn, and Ethel), meet with a guild member about some thread, head into Gall to pick up the fringe foot I need for Stitchers Garden, and spend some time with the Thursday girls at The Hen House. Finishing my Stitchers Garden II from last month is also a thing to take care of and while I'm waiting for my friend, I'll start with that.

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