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Saturday, June 25, 2016

And in the Backstretch...

...with only one more row to go, here's the progress thus far.

All but Friends Quilt Basket is here
I would be worried about the "brights" versus "not brights" play in rows, but Friends is pretty muted too so I think I'll have to work those in between the colorful rows. It should be a challenge to get these all together without looking like a jumbled mess. Which will be later today.

Last year I believe I placed an aqua color in between rows to incorporate the license plates (which aren't even a factor yet) and provide some visual breaks. This year I feel like white is going to be our in-between color. Although, Bee's may be lost in white. What other color would look well to separate and fill in on these? Thoughts? Please share!!

I know some of the rows are much wider then others, and that's okay. That's where the filler comes in. A few of the rows were specifically built large so I could cut them down if needed. Oh, and that ugly blue patch above the four log cabins blocks is going to have the state of Michigan put into it, I just haven't applied it yet in case the row ends up going horizontal instead of vertical.

Gotta get back to it!

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