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Thursday, June 30, 2016


We have some surprise visitors coming to see us this weekend. I can't divulge who it is as of yet, because, well, they want it to be a surprise. But I found out anyway. But I can't share. But I really want to. But I can't.

Anyway. My house should probably be cleaned, but ya know, I think they are coming to see us and not my house, and that's just how it is.

I did get those shelves in the studio cleaned off like I wanted to. Does that count as cleaning?

A little better
I found a plethora of things to work on (16 WIPs) and now everything is organized. I'm so glad I took the three hours to take care of this because it was the last of my to-do's in reestablishing the studio.The number of orphan blocks I found was astounding and I'll have to work on getting those into another quilt during the next sew-in.

The newsletter is completed. I'll send it out just before I leave for our meeting tonight.

Since I have two more weeks to work on stuff before DW returns, maybe the shelves above can be cut down somewhat. I'll see where my creativity takes me today and decide what to complete as the mood strikes.

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