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Monday, June 13, 2016

Quiet House (again)

I need to know why time with family always seems to fly? We had a houseful all weekend and it was simply a crazy busy couple of days. Now the house breaths a sigh and we resume our regular lives.

Fortunately for Jim and I, it's planting, weeding, tending, and harvesting season. It seems the berries are starting to come on and before you know it, he'll be starting our jams and jellies for the year.

Because of the chaos of the weekend, NO time was spent in the studio (except to chase Tristan out of it because of all the pins I have holding up the paint chip challenge on the design wall).

Needless to say, this will be short.

Here are all 29 bags (did I say I needed 38 previously? It was supposed to only be 28).

Ready to go to camp
Here's the pic of last weeks Stitchers Garden block. I have mastered the fringe/taylor tacking foot!

Stitchers Garden I
I was able to catch my BOD's up last night after the last person finally left. I think I need to work on the memory quilt this week and get my studio back to normal since it seems to be the dumping grounds when everybody comes to visit; it gets pretty messed up in here, and for now, that seems like just enough to do after our nutty weekend.

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