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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

And...They're Off...

From the starting gate we have eight row by row kits.

Eight Little Kits Waiting
Yesterday's route was as follows:

First stop, Lake O. Nice place, decent kit price.
Second stop, Gall Sewing. Again, decent price.
Third stop, Country Stitches. O.M.G! $34 later (after purchasing the license plate and buttons).
Fourth stop, Okemos. O.M.G. again! $25 later (with NO license plate or buttons). And, I'll never go there again. What a hole! This is the place where the lady charges $80 to quilt a queen-size quilt. I figured out why when I was there. She ONLY does pantos and uses Overlock serger thread purchased from JoAnn's in the quilts. Really? REALLY? Betty needs to stop going there!

At this point, my budget had taken a rather surprising hit. Thankfully, Mason (Yards of Fabric first and then on to Keans) and Charlotte (Bee's first, then the HH) were priced correctly and I only went over budget a little.

I still hadn't did my BOD when I finally returned home around 6:30 last night. I quickly did that and then started digging right in. I have one row with total appliqué (the HH) and since it's the most time consuming, I started there. I got everything cut out and pressed on.

The First Row
I'll get it blanket stitched this morning before the BOD comes in around 10. Stay tuned!

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