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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ripping Stitches

Most of yesterday morning was spent taking out stitches from Ethel's quilt. I didn't like how many of the side borders were progressing along, and the borders themselves were a little wonky to have to try to get a straight motif to work; they needed to go.

After getting all the offending stitches out and putting nicer quilting in their place, I was able to finally take the quilt off the frame just before lunch. I wanted to get my BOD done before I broke for lunch, and thankfully, it wasn't a real difficult one.

After lunch I loaded the t-shirt quilt and this is what DW is wearing now.

Lynn's T-Shirt Quilt
I had to stop quilting after two rows because that negative white space may or may not have some custom writing inserted into least that's what we discussed when she dropped it off Monday evening.

She finally called last night around 8:00 to let me know that the only thing personal she wanted was a small "something" on the back with some writing on it. I wonder how I'm going to do this? I have a few ideas rolling around in there, but nothing concrete yet.

I'll continue on with the t-shirt quilt today after my BOD. While I was waiting for the customer to call back yesterday, I played with my paint chip challenge. I cut all the remaining pieces out and started messing with some layouts on my design wall; it's so much fun to play with the different fabric and color effects!

Storms are possible later today so I better get my long arming done before they show up. I don't like to leave DW plugged in when we get these big nasties in for fear of him getting zapped. He's having enough troubles as it is and I don't need to aggravate him anymore then necessary.

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