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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Long Arm Hospital

Looks like it'll be a while before I get to long arm. Mike and Jason listened to, and then started taking DW apart while we were there yesterday. I appears we have two issues: The race (where the bobbin goes) was causing the grinding/metal-on-metal sound. It may just be dirty, or worse, it may be out of round. I don't even want to think about how much it may cost to replace.

The second issue is the weird whirring sound in the back. Mike thinks it may just be a belt or oiling issue, but Jason isn't so sure. It'll be a few days before the actual verdicts come in on his actual health condition so no long-arming for at least a week.

Meanwhile, about all I got done yesterday was my BOD and some seat pads for the Jeep. We aren't used to leather seats in our vehicles; we have only ever had cloth. Leather gets hot! Very hot when the sun bakes down on the car for any length of time. I took part of my "practice" fabric I use on the long arm and made two seat pads to cover the seats at least during the summer months.

We are going in to see Hannah later and Jim's cousin is having a surprise 70th birthday celebration at his other cousins house, so after lunch, our day is pretty much shot. I'll do my BOD, chip away at the paint chip challenge, and that's probably about all I'll accomplish for this weird weather Sunday.

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