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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Late Start

Getting a later start then usual this morning, thank you coyote pack that kept us up half the night.

Yesterday was make-a-block day and it started with a BOD. Here's the past weeks worth:

June 1-7
Moving along with the Quiltmaker block (which I can't show you), and then on to Amish with a Twist.

Amish with a Twist for June
It was still early in the day and decided to work on a few more paint chip challenge things. This is one of those projects you can't just sit down and do all at once, which is why I'm slicing away at it in small intervals.

While shifting around some things on my shelves, I found my quilt fairy projects (they were misplaced for a while) and thought I'd better get back to those. Quilt camp is only two months away and I haven't gotten nearly enough done.

That's what I'm basically planning on doing today. Jim has a long day since his loads were very delayed and so I'm going to "sweat shop" it on these quilt fairy gifts and enjoy the cool, cloudy weather day through my windows.

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