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Monday, June 20, 2016

Just a Memory

After almost seven months, here it is.

Lana's Memory Quilt
When my friend Jane arrived on Saturday morning to pick this up, I was just setting in the last of the binding. When I finally got it off the tables and spread it out onto the floor, she was so moved, tears were very abundant. She was so very happy.

It makes it worth all the effort put into one of these large projects when you get the hug(s) and continuous "thank-you's" from the recipient. I never want to do another one, but it was worth the time to see my long time friend truly embrace and enjoy the work I put into it with her tears and smiles.

Peggy is on her way over this morning for a little computer assistance and I'll be working on my paint chip challenge today after she departs. I have to clean off the design wall to prepare for Row by Row.

I thought I would be traveling farther for my rows this year, but after researching who had what for their rows, I can make it work with all the quilt shops in our little corner of Michigan. I have 10 shops I'll be visiting tomorrow and then about all I'll be doing for the next week is Row by Row planning, building, construction, quilting, binding, and labeling--all just for the fun of it.

As I close my blog for the day, I can't help but glance up at the pic above and feel so many emotions. I'm overjoyed at Janes reaction, but I'm sad too. It'll be missed hanging around here for me to work on something else within it, but I know Janes daughter will cherish the memory of her baby girl surrounded by it.

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