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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Row by Row Day!

In just a little bit I'll be heading out to hit the roads. Eight quilt shops in the greater Lansing area have been selected to be in my 2016 RxR quilt. Actually, it's the convenience of their locations and not so much their designs that persuaded me (again) this year.

Most of the rows are a lot more intense then last year, and most of them have about the same feel to them. This years theme is Home Sweet Home so most of them have a house or something related to home within their row. It didn't matter where I actually obtained the row because they are all similar to me. Maybe mom will think otherwise since she's accompanying me around the countryside today.

Here's what I did yesterday while preparing for the RxR week ahead.

June 15-21
Isn't that tan/white one insane?

One of our new members (Megan) is collecting heart blocks for the shooting victims in Florida. I made four, but had only planned on two. The first two are before I actually read the directions. I don't know if they can be used or not. I'll give them to Megan to see if they can. If not, she can recycle them, or whatever.

Hearts for Florida
I've also discovered that when I take pics with my phone, it sends the original pic I take to my iCloud rather then the pic after it's been edited. I think this is silly. Why doesn't it send the edited pic since I save over the original anyway? I'll have to figure that one out I guess.

I roughed in the newsletter for the guild yesterday only to discover the two MJ documents got eaten somewhere. They were NOT in my email where I left them and despite my trying to recover them, had no luck. MJ had to resend them to me (talk about feeling very unprofessional and stupid), but their printed out now and it's all okay.

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