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Monday, June 27, 2016

Bee in my Bonnet

After I created the binding, the label, and the backing for RxR, we went to mom's for our visit. We had a very delightful walk through some of her fields and a wonderful bowl of ice cream; the perfect way to spend a warm, summer Sunday. When we returned home and I took a look around my studio, I made an "executive" decision. Let's move it around.

I have six quilts sitting in queue waiting to be quilted. When DW returns home, I'm going to be doing an awful lot of long arming and two of the quilts have a lot of thread changes. The previous arrangement to get to the back of the machine was dreadful. This is what we ended up with two and a half hours later.

The new studio layout
I love the usefulness this has to it. I pieced my BOD after all the dust settled and I got everything put back to rights. It works the best so far and I love how we decided to position my sewing desk to be able to look out the front windows.

DW, as you can see, is back to his old spot. He seemed to like it there better anyway (no problems with him when he was there before) and this will provide the needed space to get around him from all sides.

I'm going to straight-line stitch the RxR quilt today. I don't have the excitement to take it into Gall to do it there. And, I'd just as soon it be locally displayed where I can visit the quilt more often. If The Hen House already has a winner submitted by tomorrow, then I'll take it to Sweet Bees. Either way, it's going to be close by for everybody to enjoy over the next four or so months.


  1. Probably a good thing that you didn't have the excitement to take it to Gall's... found out they already have a winner.

  2. How did you find this out? I don't see anything on the Michigan RxR FB page nor do I see it on their web site?