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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Flux Capacitor Fluxing...

...and check. Quilt fairy projects are nearly complete. Jim is doing the insertion of the drawstrings, and he only has a dozen or so left to finish. He's an absolutely wonderful helper!

I had a bit of project interruptus when mom called and said she needed to take the Saturn in again for repairs. I had to run over and pick her up from the shop, and then of course, we were only a few miles from Mooville and just had to stop to get an ice cream cone. And, then we visited for a while when we returned back to her farm. Four hours later bag construction finally commenced.

I came out of the studio around 8:30 but there are now 29 bags traveling to quilt camp in August. Hurray!

Stitchers Garden class is today. Margaret will not be taking me since she has a service to attend so it'll be a solo day for me.

I need to find something to bring to do between class and guild. Perhaps I'll finish any homework I may have at The Hen House when I return back into town. I'll have my machine, so why not, right?

Gotta get packing and complete my BOD before I do anything else and then we'll see what I come up with for afterwards.

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