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Friday, June 3, 2016


I'm grounded from DW! After putzing in here yesterday and finishing up all my Stitcher's Garden II homework, we headed into town to deliver quilts and pick up a fringe foot at Gall Sewing.

Here's what was completed before we left.

Stitcher's Garden II Blocks
I was a little behind. But no more! Well, actually, I have to fringe the top block now that I have the correct foot to do so with, but the rest of the blocks are completed.

While at Gall, we talked to Jason and Virginia about what DW has been doing noise-wise. I ran the video I took of the wretched noise and Jason said I was to not use DW anymore until he was brought it. Something about scarring the shaft and doing much more damage if I continue using him.

Jim was supposed to have today off. He got called in and is now on his way down to grab a load so we'll have to take him in tomorrow. I wonder how long it will take to get him back here?

Meanwhile, I'll just have to continue on with my paint chip challenge and the Amish with a Twist BOM I got yesterday when I was at The Hen House to drop off April's block.

The Row by Row's are gearing up! Gall is actually going to participate this year! Here's their row.

Gall's Row by Row
Jason was so proud. He actually designed and sewed the row himself. He is a little perturbed though. The pink fabric he used for the sashing and hearts is no longer available so he'll have to substitute and he's a little reserved about that. I'm just glad they're jumping on the band wagon.

If, (a big if) I make it into the "winners circle" again this year, I've found a project I'll be doing with the winning fabrics. I found it on my Blog lovin' site and it's actually a 2015 BOM, but well worth the $45 for the project. Because it's an older BOM, I get the whole year for the one-time cost. How cool is that?

Picked up another quilt to do for Toni yesterday, and Ethel seemed pretty pleased with what I did in her Thimbleberries quilt. I love to see the pleased faces for the work I put into each and every one I do. The t-shirt quilt was delivered, but the recipient wasn't at work to see her reaction. She'll get it today sometime I hope.

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