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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hand Stitching

I haven't been taught the finer points of hand stitching. Most of what I've learned I've gleaned from the internet. However, my hand stitching abilities are ever increasing due to all that I'm putting into this memory quilt. Where to pin, how to tie off, how to begin. Things most laymen don't even think about.

Hand Stitching
Here's an example. I'm having to turn under the parts I cut and then stitch down the fabric onto the actual quilt top with invisible stitches. Lot's of thread changes here as well which requires a lot of starts and stops; similarly like long-arm quilting.

Yesterday, prior to going in to work on the memory quilt, I finished this little bag.

My little travel bag
Mom got me one of those adult coloring books for Christmas and I purchased fine-point sharpies to work in it with. I needed a bag to carry everything around in with some sort of semblance and I think I'll make another few of these for the grandkids when they are a little older.

After doing my daily block, the remainder of today will be spent in the sub-studio working under an intense light, hand stitching pieces down. While I'm doing all this stitching I can't help thinking just how in the world I'm going to get the binding on this monster???? I may have to take it Friday to sew-in so it can be spread out over a few tables rather then trying to wrestle the bulk on my little sewing space.

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