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Sunday, June 26, 2016

And Coming Down the Homestretch... appears that the RxR 2016 is on it's way to victory!

The Top
I worked until around 9:15 last night so I could post the completed top today. I need a long arm!!!!! This puppy would be done today and ready to deliver tomorrow if I did. I miss DW!!!!!!!!

I wasn't too sure about this one, and quite honestly, the pic doesn't do it justice. It looks much (very much) better in person. Truly! It's so bright and cheery hanging out here in the studio and I have found I actually like this one better then last years given my first impression of it while it was under construction.

Since I can't do much with this today, Jim and I are going over to moms for a visit. This will give me a little breather away from the project and give me a chance to gear up for the next phase of completion. I will cut my binding and make the label this morning, but that's about all I'll do.

Happy Sunday!

P.S. The BOD gods have been with me this week thus far. Only one tricky one to deal with and the rest have been rather simplistic. Hurray!

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