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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

And Approaching the Wire...

...RxR 2016.

Apparently there have already been two confirmed winners from Michigan, and one unconfirmed. These are at other stores within the state and not the Charlotte area. Hopefully today, I'll be #3 or 4. I didn't leave the studio last night until 11:11. Was I every tuckered out. The label still needs to be attached and then it'll be ready to go!

Row by Row Label
Amongst the RxR activities, BOD activities still needed to occur. Yesterday's was another simplistic block, so out of the last seven days, only one was taxing.

June 22-28
We have received word on DW's situation thus far. They (Handi Quilter) have rebalanced the machine, but indicated it only took care of about 75% of the noise issue. They feel like there is a bearing going bad in there. Jason gave them the go-ahead to make the machine "like new" again. It may be heading back as early as the end of the week. Communication is a good thing.

Did I mention Campbell's Folk Art School? Or, Art Prize? While all this RxR stuff has been happening, I've neglected to mention these really cool items.

Mom and I are going to the Campbell's Folk Art school the week before Labor Day. She's taking a painting class and I'm (of course) taking a quilting class. My instructor: Pepper Cory!

Art Prize: Christine entered the Pepperdish I quilted for her into the Art Prize competition in Grand Rapids later this fall. We found out midweek last week it was accepted and she is in the show!

Mom is heading over this morning to register for another trip she's taking later in September along the Oregon coast. After she gets done with that, I think I'll run in and submit my quilt. I'm wondering whether I'm going to tackle this again next year?!? It sure was a long week, but it was great to have a fixed goal and some power quilting to do.

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