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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Late Start

My day is starting in here about eight hours later then normal. Had to meet mom in Lansing so her car could get new tires. While she was at a class between the tire change, I ran around town. One of my stops was to Gall to check out the RxR they received.

Jason was there (which he usually isn't on Wednesdays) and since the shop was slower then normal, were able to chat a bit about DW.

Handi Quilter decided to do a complete overhaul on the machine. It's a long story, but to complete the overhaul, they needed the handle bars (which weren't initially shipped with the machine) sent to them and those went out yesterday. This puts us out another two weeks before he returns. From what I learned today, my machine will be nearly new when I finally get it back.

Since it's so late already today, I'm going to tackle this after I get my BOD done.

WIP Shelves

These need to be organized more then they currently are. I have to dig around when looking for something in there and another one of my stops was to Hobby Lobby where they had cute boxes on sale. This is my mission for the day.

I also need to proof and print the newsletter off for the guild. I should be able to hand those paper copies out tomorrow instead of having to mail them to the folks who are not on the tech side of life yet. Row by Row is now at The Hen House. I was the first one in so I get to shop for 25 fat quarters when I find something to use them in. Like last year, I received a $25 gift certificate for use on the store any way I would like to use it. Happy!

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