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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


All my computers and devices seem to be cursed. My Mac is having photo and blog issues. My phone is heating up when charging and then is not taking a good charge once it is charged. My iPad is having swipe problems. About the only thing working well is my new iPad Pro...which is how I'm blogging this morning.   

Here are last weeks BOD's.  
May 25-31
The rest of yesterday was spent doing long arm duties. I am trying to get Ethel's quilt done. I had a customer stop by and drop off a I-need-it-yesterday t-shirt quilt for an open house this upcoming weekend, and DW is still having wretched noise issues, but he keeps on quilting along so we'll just keep plugging away.

I did work on my paint chip challenge while DW was quilting along yesterday, so that's something I guess.

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  1. sounds like your phone needs a new battery... good luck with the rest - I have no experience with those.