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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dude, Where's My Table?

When I blogged yesterday I forgot to mention what happened on Thursday. It's pretty cut and dry: Class, the Hen House, Guild. I didn't get my class block done; one thing to do today. The Hen House was to discuss and find a pattern for my paint chip challenge. More to come on that. Guild was a mess...won't even go there right now, but I did get two more quilts to work on for a new person: Susan N.

Yesterday, while out and about with mom during our yard sales adventures I picked up the deal of the decade. 90 yards of backing fabric (9 different colors) for $40 from the Crazy Lady on Shaw St. I also picked up a yard of light corduroy at another sale for a chair pad using fat quarters Carolyn demonstrated a few weeks back. I got that for a buck.

We wandered over to Mason mid-afternoon to pick up a pattern I was looking for at Yards of Fabric (Spartan "S" table runner) and to also check out anything of interest at Keans; mom hadn't been there since the fire. Oh, also while at YoF I picked up a jelly roll and some gradient fabric to make a 1,600 quilt like what Mary Jean showed us a few weeks back too. It was just too pretty to pass up and I love all the vibrant colors used in it.

I was going to go to an auction today, but the weather is once again ugly. With all my doings that past few days I've just been dumping my stuff on my planning/pressing table.

Half the table is occupied
I need to stay home and deal with this mess. I can only stand it so long, AND, I have another block that came in from Quiltmaker to test. It's probably good the weather is being naughty. I need to get a handle on this pile of stuff and since Jim has a long day at work it just makes it that much easier to deal with.

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