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Friday, May 27, 2016


It's great when things work out. Class yesterday was a wonderful success in achieving a new technique for a quilt block. It was mostly math and calculations, but broken down into small steps, it all worked out well.

The trunk show didn't start out very well in that the key we needed to our meeting place was somehow overlooked. Thanks to some great thinkers and their ability to problem solve, the night then moved in a forward progression.

Mom and Jim were awesome in getting my quilts unloaded, folded and then reloaded back into the Jeep. Without them it would have been an amazingly daunting task! All the quilts are now back in their "homes" and are resting peacefully after their little field trip.

One of the questions asked last night after the "official" showing of the quilts was, "Do you really have that many quilts downstairs?". Here's a pic of some of them peeking out of their sheet on top of the pool table.

There are about 50 of my "babies" under there!
Yes, we actually do. And there are more throughout the house in every room of the house. Yep, even the bathrooms.

It was clear during the show last night that I have found my passion in life. I love working with all the colors, the cotton fabrics, the thread; nearly everything about quilting I love.

I am so thankful I have a wonderful set of friends in my guild and family in my home to share my passion with, and who accept my quirky little ways about what it is I do without too much judgement.

Today I take a breath, organize my life back into some sort of semblance, and start anew. I have four quilts hanging out waiting to get under DW, a challenge quilt to build, a block to do for the day, and a lot of Stitchers Garden homework to tackle. Hello Friday!

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  1. It was a pleasure to help show off your hugs of love. It is always to see the Quilts again after they have been finished and put away for a while. I am amazed how you remember all the names. Thank you for letting be part of your night.