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Monday, May 2, 2016


I concentrated solely on completing my Ugly Sweaters top yesterday afternoon and evening. I know I probably won't get it on the long arm any time soon, but at least the top is now done.

Ugly Sweater Top Completed!
I did end up adding two additional borders onto the quilt and I'm glad I did. It made the quilt more functional in use for the future, and it kind of spiced it up a bit. I love this piece and while adding the first orange border around the edge, the kids we were skype-ing with last night said they liked it as well.

Mom is coming over after lunch today to order business cards for an art exhibit she has coming up in June. I'll have to diligently work in here this morning to get at least my BOD done and perhaps a little long-arming as well.

I'm not entirely happy with the noises DW is making (again). I wanted to take the head and a quilt with me to Gall to show them exactly what was going on, but this probably won't happen until next Monday (I need Jim to help me load the machine before he heads off to work). Of course, the noise never occurs when the guys are working on the machine so it's up to me to make it happen; you know, the "when you want something done right (or wrong in this case), ya gotta do it yourself" thing.

Off I go to sew, sew, sew.

P.S. It's nice ironing with an iron that has steam again (I'm not using our water this time. I am using spring water instead. We'll see if this works better).

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  1. Your Ugly Sweater quilt turned out CUTE CUTE CUTE!!