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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Moving and Quilting

After working on my BOD yesterday, I loaded a quilt onto DW. He had been naked long enough and he needed to get back to work.

Toni's Disappearing Four-Patch
I was having so much fun that before the night was done, I had it completely quilted. Before this was done I had to fix another one of Toni's quilts that DW did not do such a good job on. Cheap ass thread anyway. I sorted through my threads and pulled all the offenders out of my long arm thread stash. No more using that stuff!

Some of the quilt above was free motion quilted, and other parts were done with the computer. While the computer was doing its thing, I was busy trying to get the first border done on the center medallion of the BOD quilt. This is how I left it last night.

Working on the BOD quilt
Each of the ends are put together, but not attached yet to the medallion. I have to set the corners in once I decide just how off I am in getting the first two sides on. It actually looks like we might be okay, but sometimes when you get it out from under the sewing machine, things get a little weird.

Jim is actually home from work earlier then he has been the past couple of Saturdays. I'm not sure what his plans are and that will determine exactly how much time I get to spend in here. For now, I'll just keep on keeping on until he announces what we are going to do for the remainder.

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  1. I got to looking at my CT poly threads... I used one for the quilting in the Snowglobe quilt I showed Thurs. night - and without any problems. Found that I have more of their cones than I remembered... not going to toss them out when they still work for me most of the time; will just pray that the problems with it will be FEW and FAR between.