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Thursday, May 5, 2016


Despite what I had to do yesterday morning, I was actually able to accomplish a lot in here yesterday afternoon.

First up, fix Audrey's quilt. This is what DW did to the last about foot of stitching.

Yucky Stitching
Here's what I ended up ripping out.

Throw-Up Threads
It was interesting trying to get this loaded back onto the long arm because Audrey started binding it (which is actually how she noticed the problem). The replacement stitches are not as fluid as I would have liked, but it's quilted and I'm not ripping out again!

After finagling Audrey's quilt around and getting some new stitching put into it, I moved on to my BOD. It was rather intense and took a lot longer then usual. From there I went to my Amish with a Twist blocks; 8-16 1/2" blocks are now completed.

I then created and made the binding for the Scalloped Potatoes quilt. I didn't get it attached, but at least it's made.

When I do a customer quilt, the first thing I do is press the backing and get it and the batting loaded. Then I press the top and remove any stray threads poking through to the top. This one had lots! Apparently yesterday was a "thready" kind of day.

Threads removed from Toni's quilt prior to loading onto the frame
I loaded Toni's (it's with an "I" BTW) bow tie quilt onto the frame and then by 9:00 was finally finished with all I wanted to accomplish yesterday.

Here's what DW is wearing today; Toni's Bow Ties
I think I'm going to have DW do the quilting in the bow tie quilt. The one I constructed for Ben a while back was done with an edge-to-edge and it looks really nice. I'll do something different in the border though since she has an attached flange separating the two.

Guild tonight should be interesting. A paint chip challenge is being thrown out and I'm excited to see just how that's going to work.

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