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Sunday, May 1, 2016


Resources today are much better then even 20 years ago. After consulting my books, some Pinterest pics, and a few other sites online, I was able to come up with a pleasing quilting motif to put into Tony's last quilt. I finished mid-afternoon.

I found, pieced, and started pressing my new backing for the Scalloped Potatoes quilt only to discover my Rowenta iron wasn't heating up. Well, it heats up, but barely. So much for staying home yesterday.

We headed into town to pick up a new iron, batting for the scalloped potatoes, some fat quarters for a class I'm taking with Mary Jean, and some groceries.

Here's my new addition.

New Iron
I got smart about this one; I purchased the extended warranty for a mere $3 which is good for two years. Ha! They'll be seeing me about every 4-6 months.

My new iron works well (so far) and this is what's on DW now.

Scalloped Potatoes finally on the frame
I didn't start stitching this out yet. I'm trying to decide what exactly I want to do in that wild border.

After getting the quilt loaded, I started arranging the Ugly Sweater blocks into somewhat of a pleasing manner. How about this?

Ugly Sweater layout
These are do darn cute! The original design only calls for a 1 1/2" border all around, but I may extend it out a few borders. I'll wait and see when I get the sashing strips in and the first borders added.

Jim and I have no plans to leave the house today. Of course, we didn't yesterday either. It's Sunday and a small project should be in order, but I think I'll just continue on as I have been since it seems to be working for me at the moment.

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