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Friday, May 6, 2016

Paint Chip Challenge

Starting backwards with yesterday's day, I received (so excited!) a golden yellow for my draw!!!! I thought I knew what I was going to do with whatever color I received, but didn't think there was anyway in hell I would get my favorite color. Now I'm heading in another direction with my thoughts. On the way home I think I narrowed down what direction I'm going to head with this and I'm happy with my thinking yet this morning.

Prior to heading to the HH to drop off Audrey's quilt I did these two little trees for the kids for Christmas. Neither of the married couples are around to erect their own trees, so these will be a substitute for the actual tree not being in their homes.

Cute Little Christmas Tree Wall Hangings
They both also have cats, and aren't comfortable putting up a "cat gym" for the kitties to get into.

Heading in about a dozen directions today and Jim is home this morning, so that will get me off my usual organized day.

Internet issues are first. We are again having sluggish internet connectivity and he's on the phone with a tech right now, so I have to get off here to do some diagnostics with AT & T. Yippee!

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