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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mom's Day!

The little kid is here this morning and the middle kids are coming after church. My mom is coming over and we are going to capitalize on the beautiful spring day and have a cookout. We'll just relax and enjoy each other; maybe play some games.

After everybody leaves later this evening, I'll get my new Mother's Day present out and start setting it up: A new iPad Pro (now named Kipp). The boys were (thankfully) listening when I was stating concerns about my current iPad (Paddy) and Mac (Mack) taking a crapper. I don't know how I would stay in touch with the outside world during our long winter months without technology. Become a hermit perhaps?

I got the back loaded for Ugly Sweaters yesterday, but am in need of a correct size batt. I only have queens and kings around here, and while I could cut one of them up, would rather not do so.

Before everybody arrives today I'm going to do my BOD. That's about all I plan on completing for the day so enjoy the day all you moms out there!

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