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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Organized Mess

I guess having everything on the pressing/planning table is a kind of a way to organize what I needed to do yesterday.

First project: BOD. Check.
Second project: Stitcher's Garden I block and homework. Check

Third project: 1 yard of corduroy fabric into a chair pad. Check
Chair Pad
This is still in the works since I don't have enough of my own fabric scraps to put into it currently...they all seem to end up in some dog bed.

Fourth project: Test block for Quiltmaker. Check.

I can't show a pic of that project because we are sworn to secrecy.

Fifth project: Get Ugly Sweaters quilted. Well, just about. I've got one border left to do.

I wanted to get the binding on my Scalloped Potatoes but that never happened. The day got away from me and that's okay.

I didn't think Jim would want to do a whole lot today since he had a really long week. But, we're headed to Lansing this morning to work on the kids' house (more bathroom renovations) to prepare for the upcoming grandchild being born on Wednesday. I won't get much done in here (again) today. Sad face!

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  1. Wow! already time for the newest DeGroot to make their appearance?? Hope everything goes better than well :).