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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Not Norm!

Where has my normal day went? I got my BOD's all caught up.
May 18-24
 I did a charity quilt.
Charity Quilt for Bill and Betsy
Unfortunately, after Jim leveled DW and resquared him, it didn't make a difference in the wretched noise DW has been making. Oddly, though, he makes it randomly. I just decided to power through with the quilt above and figured that if he decided to blow himself up, it's on somebody else's hands. It's not like I haven't told the guys at Gall about this continuation of problem. I have three other quilts sitting here waiting right now but became discouraged in DW's performance issue yesterday that I decided to move on to something else.    I started my paint chip challenge too, but today, I'm back on the road. At least later today I am. This morning I'm hanging here like normal...thank goodness. The sheets are hung out on the line, a BOD will be made, and I'll get the binding on my Ugly Sweaters so I can take it to the trunk show on Thursday. That should keep me busy enough until we have to leave later on.   

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