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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Nix the Morning

I have to run into Lansing again today to deliver two quilts, pick up another, head to Mason for a pattern I want to add to my library, and then back to Charlotte to fetch a quilt from Audrey that has some stitch issues in it. Morning shot.

After non-quilt items were taken care of yesterday, and after my daily BOD, I finished quilting out the Scalloped Potatoes quilt.

I'm trying to remember to insert my name and the year into each of the quilts I take off the long arm (my quilts only...not customer quilts) as my quickie way of labeling the quilt. I hate putting on labels and this is my solution.

Can you see me?
After getting that quilted, I decided to move over to do some piecing. I started the Amish with a Twist blocks for the month of May. This is how far I got before we head into town for the planning commissioner meeting (which, BTW, went until 10:30 last night).

Month #5 started-Amish with a Twist
I guess I should have cropped that pic before posting it up here. I'll work on that upon my return later today. Off I go...

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