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Saturday, May 7, 2016

May Flies

It's officially spring when the May Flies are fluttering to and fro during the evening hours. We have a plethora of them this year and the birds seem to be enjoying the feast.

While it may be spring here I'm already working on gifts for Christmas still seven months away. Here's what's on DW now.

Christmas gifts already in the works
Toni's Bow Tie quilt was completed yesterday morning.

I did some rearranging on the shelving unit below the belly bar on the long arm and came across some rogue fabric I need to do something with. I washed, dried, and pressed the fabric out and now have it sitting out for me to do something with. It'll be a charity quilt, I'm sure, since it kind of leans towards that type of thing.

I found, with the charity quilt fabric, some hefty yardage of additional fabric and am making a backing for Ugly Sweaters. I may be able to get it loaded this morning before leaving later today to meet dad and his new/old wife in Lansing for dinner. We are also picking up the little kid to come home and spend the night with us. His dog is driving us nuts with all her incessant whining.

I received another test block from Quiltmaker yesterday and am also working on that. It's another appliqué and the directions are telling us to do turn-under. Not happening in this studio. Heat n' Bond is my friend!

Off I go into the wild, yellow studio.

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