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Monday, August 31, 2015

Small Project Sunday

It's been a while since I've done SPS. I miss it.

Here's yesterday's:

Jeans Duffle Bag
Two pairs of jeans later it's a duffle bag. It doesn't look like much empty, but it turned our really cute!

A few notes on this project:

1) Make sure to use jeans with a small waist, but a long inseam.
2) Keep the heavy jean seam away from where I need to make my seams.
3) While Jay will plow through a lot of layers, 10 is about his maximum.

Since this duffle didn't take me all day, I spent the remainder of the day hand sewing the tiny jingle bells on the tall Christmas Tree I made a few sew-ins ago (I think it was in June when I made it).

I spent this morning making cookies (a new chocolate chip recipe I wanted to try), so I've started out this afternoon cleaning the studio up a bit. I had two large rolls of batting to mount on the batting bar under DW. I had a large set of dust bunny colonies setting up camp under the long arm, and I picked out my next small project I want to work on during my "quiet" sewing time.

I still haven't got the Twirly quilt on DW; maybe today. Tomorrow all the BOM's hit and I'm actually ready for this month. Actually, I'm looking forward to them all coming in this month instead of feeling I'm behind the eight ball. Hurray!

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