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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Eyes are important for a long-armer. It's important to me to get regular vision check ups and keep up good vision health. While I dislike taking a day away from my studio, having those peepers checked out far outweighs my dislike.

Everything checked out fine except for the vision in my left eye, which seems to have deteriorated somewhat over the past two years. New glasses are now on order and I'll have them in about two weeks.

Meanwhile, dilating my eyes causes obscured vision for a few hours. Therefore, studio work didn't begin until late afternoon, and even then, I was squinting to see what the dickens I was trying to accomplish.

After a while they settled down. I basically stuck to working on B&B's second quilt so I could possibly deliver it tonight. Here's a close up of some of the work going into it.

Block Feather Detail
I'll continue on with this quilt today until I have to leave for guild tonight. Chances are, I'll get it done before leaving, but the customer wants me to also attach the binding and that takes some extra time.

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