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Sunday, August 9, 2015


Sometimes it's just fun to just play on the long arm. I didn't feel like doing anything intricate since I just had that with the two previous quilts and I wanted to have a few hours to just enjoy my thread and my machine.

That's what charity quilts are for: To hone smoothing skills while moving the machine around the cloth, and, letting yourself become more acquainted with the whole quilting process.

Loopy quilting on a charity quilt
We ended up running to Hastings yesterday to Jami's Variety Store (where I purchased the fabric for Arcadia Avenue) to obtain some more black (remember, I messed up block #7 at camp). They were out of the black linen (of course). We ended up down at Sisters Quilt Shop and she had something pretty darn close and so purchased a 1/2 yard from her.

After finally returning home (of course, you can't just go to Hastings and leave right away), I started on my Arcadia Avenue #8 (since eight was robbed for #7's error) which is where I left off last night.

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