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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Not 2 Hours

This pattern I purchased a few weeks ago at Around the Block quilt shop was called Two Hour Tulip Purse.


More like six hours!

But it turned out nice (I guess). I am not a seamstress and this was a big struggle for me!

Two-Hour Tulip Purse
I should have been long-arming those customer quilts instead of working on this but I just wasn't there in my head yesterday.

Later today I have a class I'm taking with my mom on book sculpting at the library in Charlotte. I'm not to sure exactly what we are going to do, but it sounded like fun, I get to spend the afternoon with mom, and it's a free class.

This morning DW and I will spend some time together since we are meeting mom for lunch and so the remainder of the morning hours is all I have. Ta ta!

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