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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

AQS Show

Originally, Jim and I were going to attend the AQS Quilt Show this coming Wednesday (tomorrow).

Then, I needed new glasses, which of course, the insurance only pays a paltry amount on. I said to Jim that we should forgo the show because of the expense of the new specs.

Then he surprised me this weekend and said we were still going to the show. And my mom is going to go with us too! What a fun day we have planned for tomorrow!

Well, it's a fun day for me. I don't know how much "fun" Jim and my mom are going to have. I guess if they get too bored they can wander around downtown Grand Rapids since there is a LOT to do within a short walking distance of the convention center. We can't stay too awfully late because we have to pick up our fair pig later tomorrow at the fair grounds, but I'm just busting with excitement!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

...Here's what I did yesterday morning. This one is called "Boomerangs" and it has 96 pieces.

August Arcadia Avenue--Boomerangs
This pic didn't turn out very good. Sorry about that!

The afternoon was spent working on the Twirly Quilt blocks. I almost put it away when the first two blocks turned out like this...

Ummm, that's not a block shape
...but as the afternoon progressed, I figured out what I did wrong and zipped out 14 blocks total. This means I have enough to make the inside of the quilt body and am now working on those other blocks for the border. I thought I would only need 14 for the second border but forgot I'll be adding some distance with the first focus border. 16 total border blocks should do it which means I need about eight more to sew. Yeah!

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  1. see you at the show tomorrow :) Cathy V, Joyce, Vicki, Gloria and I are planning on being there about 9 a.m.