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Friday, August 7, 2015


In the last 12 hours or so I've learned a lot about needles for my long arm. I've learned that certain needles are not welcome for use in my long arm lest consequences may ensue. Very expensive consequences I might add, and the money saved on purchasing said needles will cost me greatly in the long run.

Moving along.

B&B's second quilt was finished by mid afternoon yesterday. Bill seemed thrilled at the work I did for them and they looked great when he showed them last night. They didn't look so great up close, but I'm reminded we see these quilts at such a close distance that most people don't view them at...and we are our worst critics.

I had a few hours to kill between taking care of the long arm stuff and heading for town so I made a bag for Mike to put his pressure foot and power cord in for when we travel together. Similar to the one I have for Laura. Here's his.

A New Draw String Bag for Mike's Essentials
The next long arm piece is this top I made at camp. It'll be donated to the VA in November and I was able to get the batting needed for it at last nights meeting.

Next to go
I think today I need to just sew. I have my July BOM from Craftsy to finish (I only have two of the four done) and then maybe I'll do the August blocks. I can't do my Arcadia Avenue BOM until I jog over to Hastings to pick up more of that black linen (since I found out at camp that I screwed up the cutting here at home).

And there's always Twirly Quilt blocks to work on. I still need 6 more for the body and then the rest of the blocks will be for the border. My planning table is getting cluttered so I need to deal with some of these things to get it cleaned off.

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