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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Art or Craft

If you really think making a quilt is merely a craft rather then an art form, you obviously haven't attended a large quilt show. The talent is amazing and truly a form of art with textile mediums as the chosen expression type. Words can not describe what we had the privilege to see yesterday and if you really enjoy quilts, take the time to attend one of these wonderful events.

Here's what I closed up the studio with on Tuesday night. This is our first attempt at laying out the twirly quilt blocks.

First Layout Attempt
I don't think I'll be doing too much in here today (???). I have to get ready to go to Ohio for the weekend to help the kids move in to their new house. We'll see how the time works. The little kids are arriving early evening and spending the night so we can head out early in the morning (another early morning, yippee).

This is kind of a bummer because while we did spend some time viewing quilts yesterday morning, the afternoon was spent at the vendor mall and I had some fun getting new things for DW. A new ruler, some batting, some new thread, needles, etc. Oddly, not one scrap of fabric was purchased.

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