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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Book Sculpting

Mom and I took a free book sculpting class yesterday. It was pretty fun, and mom had hers turning out really cool. Mine wasn't completed before our two hours expired. My piece is not turning out as nice as moms.

Prior to leaving for lunch/class I was able to complete Margarets quilt. I'm waiting for her to text me back to see if she wants the quilt trimmed prior to packing it up for delivery (I forgot to ask her when she gave it to me last Thursday).

I finished the binding on B&B's first quilt...

Disappearing Pinwheel for Bill and Betsy
...and started the blanket stitching on B&B's second quilt.

After I returned home I finished the blanket stitching and loaded their second quilt onto D Dubs.

Civil War Quilt for Bill and Betsy
This quilt has a LOT of thread changes in it. Betsy doesn't want to see the quilting much so I have to change out for all the different values in color. And, we have a lot of intricate designs we've selected to put into it so this little 46" square piece will take a couple of days to complete.

This morning I have an eye appointment (my annual check up) and because they'll dilate my eyes, I'll be virtually useless for most of the rest of the day. I can't drive for a while so may wander over to the Hen House to work on some EPP hexagons for a while until I can actually see again. Hexagons just require a simple basting stitch so no precise work there.

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