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Saturday, August 1, 2015


This machine was the one I referred to last night. I cleaned her and gave her a quick check up. I may have Mike at Gall work on her more if the test run I perform today doesn't go that well. I'm thinking of naming her Holly since she's a New Home model #532.

My 1964-ish New Home rescued from Hospice yesterday
I love the colors on this machine! Katie pointed out the tape on the right of the presser foot indicating the 1/4" seam allowance...meaning the previous owner was probably a quilt maker! How cool is that?

Since I didn't spend much time in the studio yesterday, I think today will be studio filled. Or, at least I hope so. Papa is home from work early today and Caleb is still here so perhaps they'll be busy doing father/son stuff. You just never know around here.

I snapped a pic of my design wall.
I have plenty to do in just making tops, let alone the four or so quilts I have sitting here for DW. Let's get ready to sew!!!!

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