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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Before and After

When I'm working on a block or set of blocks, sometimes I wonder if they would just look well enough alone before adding all the embellishments and frills.

Here is a before pic of what I worked on Friday.

Here is the same set of flowers, vines, and leaf after I added some stitching.

Notice how the first one looks okay; rather flat and not too interesting, but passable. Notice how the stitching in the second pic brings out some movement and adds interest into the very simple motif?

All my homework is now completed for next month on the Stitchers Garden. Here's the completed three blocks and the five last blocks for next month are background stitched and ready to go.

I had a customer stop by on Friday while I was tackling my homework to drop off what I thought was only going to be one quilt to long arm, but instead turned out to be four. Another guild member FB'd me and asked to do a charity quilt for her, and I received a text message from a cousin asking about doing a king on DW.

August Stitchers Garden blocks
Yesterday Jim took off from work and we spent the day running around and enjoying each others company. We had some supplies to pick up and one of our stops took us to the Hen House to purchase backing fabric for the Twirly quilt. Although, with the recent influx of long-arming for others, it may be a week or so before I can get to Twirly.

Today I MUST get Cheerios done. I have to get some of these customer quilts on the frame because we all know how much I love having things hanging over my head. NOT!

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