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Monday, August 10, 2015


I was sitting here at my desk in the studio waiting for my [very] slow computer to catch up to itself, and I noticed the shutter angle of my camera. I snapped this pic from where I sit and blog every day and what some of the studio looks like from a different perspective.

A different view of the studio
See what I mean about the large pile of stuff down there at the end of my pressing/planning table?

I finished the charity quilt and here it is completed.

I Pledge Allegiance...Charity Quilt
I have to share something a little icky about this quilt. Maybe I shouldn't?! No, I'll skip it. If you want to know, just ask and I'll share. Anyway, this makes my eighth one for this year. One of these days I have to get labels them all.

Next up on D Dubs is this little Cheerios pattern compliments of Missouri Star Quilt Company and Jenny Doan. I did this at camp last year and am just now getting it quilted. That's how behind I still am.

Haven't a clue on how I'm going to quilt this one. Maybe it has to sit here for a day or so until I can figure that out. Any suggestions (other then with thread Katie?). There's a lot of negative space and quite honestly, if I was really ambitious, I'd just take it off and do some straight line stitching on Mike instead. Hmm...maybe I could baste it while it's on DW and then take it off to do that. Hmm....????

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