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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


A nearly one week studio hiatus was due somewhat to the "big" kids moving back to the midwest. Ohio will be their home for at least a year, perhaps two, depending on how the job market goes for them. The rest of the kids and I were down for a long weekend helping them unload, clean, unpack, shop, and laugh. Did we ever laugh!

After my return home late Sunday, the energy level to return into the studio was limited. I worked at a very leisurely pace throughout Monday and today I seem to be back to some sort of normal energy.

I just finished the Twirly quilt top. It turned out really great and I'm pleasantly surprised, after adding my own set of creative borders to it, just how big it finished. We laid it over the queen-sized bed in the guest bedroom and it covers with a some drape to the sides.

My "holding" shelves seem to be getting a little burgeoned. I think I need to tackle some WIP's and reduce the amount of projects I'm working on. Although, most of them are BOM's that I can't finish now that I think about it. Hmmm...

Cheerios is still on DW and waiting for me to make up my mind on how I'm going to quilt it. I have my new long ruler to use with my table and I should make some use of that I think.

Since it's so late in the day I'll take stock of what I have going on and try to plan out next week. The remainder of this week is class tomorrow in Portland, homework from said class, preparation for our next class (which is our last for this series), and then long arming Cheerios. That should take me up to the weekend...maybe?!?

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