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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Making Use

I have plenty of little pieces left over from Twirly quilt. Rather then filing all of them in with the other little pieces I have in my 16-square bins, I'm sewing them together to make something else. Maybe a future bag or purse or some other something or another.

Making Fabric
Since I needed something else to do prior to this project on Friday, I found a little something in my new Angela Walters book to do. This occupied some much needed sit and sew time and perhaps a quilt fairy gift idea for next year?!?

Water Bottle Case
The pattern made this project taller then I originally would have made it, so I think if I do use it for a gift idea, I would alter the pattern in height somewhat.

Today I'm going to finish the fabric making project from above and maybe load Twirly quilt onto DW. There are a lot of things I can do and since it's Sunday, I have quilters choice where I go with my day.

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