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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Quilting Marathon Update

Coming off the long arm late last night was this little cutie. I was concerned about the quilting quality on this piece because the customer wanted to have a heavy flannel/muslin type of batting in between instead of traditional batting. DW sailed through it like a trooper and in fact, I feel like this actually quilted out better then traditional batting.
VW's Second Quilt
On the long arm this morning is this beautiful Square in a Square; VW's third quilt.

VW's Third Quilt
I basically just set the top on the batting so I could get my blogging done this morning before getting lost in my stitching work. This is a little larger then her previous two quilts so it may take most of today to get through it. Aside from the sashing pieces, I pretty much know what I'm going to do in here (once again, remind self not to quilt it to death since the customer does not want that). 

It's a gray, gloomy, (and coldish) day, which is perfect to stay inside and work on these wonderful projects. Let's Quilt!

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