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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Quilting Marathon

I finished out yesterday afternoon was this cute little Christmas quilt VW made. This is her first of four I'm doing for her.

VW's First of Four
I snapped this pic prior to calling to see if I needed to trim her quilts and, yes, she'd appreciate me doing that for her. I'm going to square up the corners as well since she's kind of in a transitional living place right now.

I snuck AH's charity quilt in later last night, and earlier this morning. I knew she was going to be heading out of town and would probably want to work on the binding during her trip. And, Jim needed to have some quilting lessons/experience. Charity quilts are a perfect opportunity for him to work on his skills.

AH's Charity Quilt
After returning home from the dentist early this afternoon I started to load VW's second quilt when lo and behold, one of Jim's cousins stopped by. This occupied a couple of hours and so didn't get this loaded until later in the afternoon.

VW's Second Quilt
Hopefully the next two days will be a bit more productive since I'm running out of appointments to head off to and people who may stop by to visit.

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